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March 24th, 2012
by Byron Bennett

David B. Stinson is the author of Deadball, a Metaphysical Baseball Novel. He also is the official photographer of deadballbaseball.com.

Please be sure to visit davidbstinsonauthor.com to read his blog about his book Deadball, A Metaphysical Baseball Novel and his pilgrimage to many of the places mentioned in the novel.

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  • Wow Dave what a site! How did you figure out where all those old extinct ball fields were? Man, you’ve been on this for years! It’s almost like digging up old battlefields. You are dedicated my friend. Your site is really comprehensive, and fun!

    Love it!


  • Byron Bennett Byron Bennett says:

    Hello Richard

    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the site. BTW the Rickwood Field youtube video is now up on Stinsongs.

  • I enjoyed your site – you might be interested in our website – http://www.timelessbaseball.com and our DVD “Ballfield to Battlefield and Back, From FDR to JFK” The DVD includes COLOR footage of many major league ballparks no longer with us – Griffith Stadium, Sportsman’s Park, Briggs Stadium, Comiskey Park, Cleveland Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Forbes, Field Crosley Field and one that is still “in play” – Fenway Park as it looked in 1940.

  • I just found your great history of West Field in Munhall, a place very dear to my heart since it’s where I met Elijah “Lucky” Miller, a batboy for the Homestead Grays. I have a Kickstarter going (Lucky Bats book) to print copies of a children’s book about him. I also pimped your site on my blog at http://www.luckybatsbook.com. Hope Bill Campbell et al are paying attention!

  • Byron Bennett Byron Bennett says:

    Hello Kevin

    Thanks for the shout out! How fortunate you were to have met Elijah Lucky Miller. Although I am glad that West Field is being readied so a whole new generation can play on the historic field, it is unfortunate that so much of the ballpark has to go. I read on your blog about the light stanchions. I too wish they would keep them, but I think I read somewhere that the lights are being taken down. Also, it looks as if much of the first base grandstand will be removed and a retaining wall put in its place. Hopefully the stadium structure behind home plate (and the dugouts etc.) will be preserved and restored. Standing at the ballpark earlier this year taking photos really was like looking back in time. Good luck with your book. I’d like to pick up a copy. DBS

  • […] add photos, but David had already taken the best shots and showed us on his phone during our trifecta former ballpark tour. He’s also a heck of an […]

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