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If you would like to read more about Byron Bennett’s exploits tracking down lost ballparks, be sure to check out Deadball, A Metaphysical Baseball Novel.

The Story of Byron Bennett

Deadball is the story of Byron Bennett, a former minor-league player who has a deep and spiritual connection to the game of baseball and its history. He sees things in a way others cannot and believes in things others would not. He thinks the old men working the menial jobs in the diners, dives, and graveyards he frequents are not what they seem. They try to fit in, go unnoticed, but Byron suspects they are not your typical second-career working stiffs.

Part pilgrimage and part road trip, Deadball visits vanished ballparks like Baltimore’s Union Park, Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field, Cleveland’s League Park, Detroit’s Tiger Stadium, and Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field in Byron’s attempt to bring the past back to life. As visions of baseball’s golden era appear around him with greater frequency and intensity, he must question everything he believes about life, himself, and the game he loves. Are the flickering images he sees real, or are they all in his head? His friends, his ex-wife, and his former teammates don’t believe what he tells them he sees. At times, neither does he.