Baker Bowl

Baker Bowl

The Philadelphia Phillies called the Baker Bowl their home from 1887 to 1938.

The Philadelphia Phillies called the Baker Bowl their home from 1887 to 1938.

Demolished a decade later, nothing now remains of the ballpark, although a state historical marker notes its former location.

Pennsylvania State Historical Marker

Some of the buildings surrounding the site from that era do help provide perspective of how the ballpark once fit into the neighborhood. The warehouse (former Brooks Brothers warehouse?) that looms over the outfield in the postcard above remains.

The Former Brooks Brothers Warehouse

The warehouse also is visible in this vintage 1932 photograph of  former New York Giant third baseman Gil English.

Gil English at the Baker Bowl (photographer unknown)

The warehouse also is visible along Lehigh Avenue.

Lehigh Avenue at 15th Street Looking East

The Moore & White Company (which made machinery such as paper machinery) was located at northeast corner of 15th Street and Lehigh Avenue, just beyond the left field bleachers (as seen in the photograph below). That building is no longer at the site.

Phillies vs Dodgers (?) 1920s, Baker Bowl, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Former Home of the Philadelphia Phillies (Digital Image, copyright David B. Stinson)

Also remaining at the site from the time of the Baker Bowl is a two-story brick building (now painted white) topped with billboards that is visible in  pictures of the stadium just beyond right-center field.

Two Story Building just north of North Broad Street train station

The Baker Bowl site now is occupied by a gas station and parking lot that sit in left and center field respectively.

You Can Buy Gas Where the Gashouse Gang Once Battled the Phillies

A two story International-style industrial building sits in the former location of the infield and right field.

Former Right Field Corner at Broad Street and Huntingdon Street Looking North on Broad Street

The buildings on the south side of Huntingdon remain from the time of the Baker Bowl as well.

Looking West down Huntingdon

Is the former site of the Baker Bowl worth a visit, even though nothing remains of the former ballpark?  If you are a fan of the Phillies and appreciate  the history of the game, it is worth a stop, especially since the distinctive v-shaped warehouse that once loomed over center field remains in place.   Another former ballpark worth visiting is the Phillies’ second home – Shibe Park – which was located just a few blocks west of the Baker Bowl at the corner of Lehigh Avenue and North 29th Street.  More on that lost ballpark later.

Byron Bennett