San Francisco’s Seals Stadium and the Double Play Bar

San Francisco’s Seals Stadium and the Double Play Bar

Seals Stadium was home to the major league San Francisco Giants for two years from 1958 to 1959. From 1931 until 1957 it was the home of the Pacific Coast League San Francisco Seals and from 1931 until 1938 it was the home of the Pacific Coast League San Francisco Missions (who moved to Los Angeles and became the Hollywood Starts in 1939).

Seals Stadium (Courtesy of Flickr Photo Share – Photoscream)

The entrance to Seals Stadium (as well as the right field corner) was located at 16th and Byrant Streets in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Former Site of Entrance to Seals Stadium at the Corner of 16th and Byrant Streets

A plaque commemorating Seal Stadium is located at the corner of 16th and Bryant Streets.

Plaque Commemorating Seals Stadium Located at 16th and Byrant Streets, San Francisco CA (photo courtesy of Terrell Baldwin)

The site is now Potrero Shopping Center, named after Potrero Avenue which runs parallel to what was once left field. Potrero is Spanish for pasture, something the shopping center is not.

Potrero Center, Former Site of Seals Stadium

The shopping center’s parking garage sits in the former location of right and center field.

Former site of Seals Stadium Center Field Looking Toward the Infield

Across 16th Street from the shopping center is Franklin Soccer Field, which remains from the time of Seals Stadium.

Former Location of Center Field Wall Looking East Down 16th Street

The location of home plate is somewhere within the shopping center, perhaps in the Office Depot or the adjoining Safeway.

Former Site of Seal Stadium Left Field Looking Toward Right Field/First Base Line

Although Seals Stadium is now a long lost ballpark, thankfully a taste of baseball and the stadium remains at the site. Across the street from the former ballpark at the corner of 16th and Bryant is the Double Play Bar (the building can be seen in the top right corner of the vintage photograph of Seal Stadium above).

Double Play Bar Located Across the Street from Former Site of Seals Stadium

The bar pays homage to the memory of Seals Stadium with displays of original signage from the stadium, as well as vintage baseball equipment.

Front Bar at the Double Play Bar

Many of the front bar walls are adorned with pictures of the ballpark, giving visitors the sensation of having just come from a game at Seals Stadium.

Sampling of the Decorations that Line the Walls of the Double Play Bar

Even the bar menu pays homage to old Seals Stadium.

Double Play Bar Menu

The back portion of the Double Play Bar includes a restaurant seating area with a mural depicting the old stadium grandstand, field, and outfield walls.

Double Play Bar’s Recreated Seals Stadium

The signage on the wall replicates Seals Stadium’s outfield wall.

Double Play Bar Outfield Wall Mural

A game between the Seals and the Oakland Oaks is captured on the mural’s recreation of Seals Stadium’s old scoreboard.

Double Play Bar Mural Depicting Seal Stadium Scoreboard

Seals Stadium was demolished in 1959, soon after the San Francisco Giants moved into their new home at Candlestick Park. Although the stadium is now just another lost ballpark, Double Play Bar remains in its spot across the street from the ballpark’s former site. The bar is well worth a stop should you find yourself in San Francisco in search of some baseball history. And, if you happen to find the former site of home plate (inside the Office Depot?) please drop me a line and let me know. A picture also would be great.

For more information about the Double Play bar, please see A San Francisco Deadball Moment.

Byron Bennett